Even in the absence of any visible signs or symptoms, only a full eye exam can garantee an adequate and sound visual health

  • Refraction : determines your visual condition, your eyeglass prescription depending on your daily needs. A detailed evaluation is performes for contact lens wear
  • Binocular Vision : an important exam, especially for children, that enables us to determine the ability of the eyes to work together in perfect synergy.
  • Evaluation of your eye's health: early detection and follow-up of ocular diseases, prescribing treatments and/or medication for certain eye problems.


Lafond, Ray-Ban, Rebel, Koali, Seraphin, Paul & Joe, Coppe Sid, Prodesign, Boz, Vuillet Vega, Kinto, Silhouette, Addidas, and many other frame brandsEtnia Barcelona, Oakley, Kate Spade, Francois Pinton, Bellini, Tartine et chocolat, Jean-Francois Rey, Petite, Bellinger, Gucci, and many other frame brands

More than 1 200 frames in stock that come in a great variety of shapes, colors and sizes; that will surely suit every style, taste, budget and face.

Would you like to distinguish yourself? We propose numerous exclusivities and designer brands such as:

  • David Beckam
  • François Pinton
  • Woow
  • JF Rey Petite
  • Silhouette
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Lafont
  • Julbo
  • Ray-Ban
  • Toplook
  • Chloé
  • Unified
  • Moleskine
  • OTP
  • Bertelli
  • Nano
  • Koali
  • Le Parc
  • Reactive
  • Marius Morel /1880
  • Nifties
  • Lightec
  • Mexx
  • Stepper
  • Lamarca
  • Blackfin
  • Reflect
  • Soho Tech
  • Mizyake
  • Prodesign
  • Tartine & Chocolat
  • Lulu Castagnette
  • SuperFlex
  • Owlet
  • ... and many more

Whatever your lifestyle, profession or budget, the ophthalmic lenses we offer are adapted to your needs.

We mold high quality lenses based on your needs:

  • for computer-related work
  • for sports
  • for driving
  • or for optimal solar protection

We use High Resolution lens technology, numerically surfaced lenses and « custom » lenses.

Thanks to these technologies, our perfected laboratory and the expertise of our optometrists and opticians, we can offer you the lenses that best suit your lifestyle.

I Terminal : ultra-precise measuring instrument that allows you to benefit from :

  1. The adjustment of your personalized lenses and glasses, for optimal visual comfort
  2. Advices and demonstrations that are helpful in selecting your lenses and glasses
  3. Video and photo assistance during the process of selecting your lenses and glasses
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Be on the look-out for fashion trends, thanks to our wide selection of sunglasses (with or without prescription) that is regularly renewed.

oakley, revo, vuarnet, bolle, serengeti, dolce & gabannaMaui Jim, Rayban, Serengeti, Kate Spade, Oakley, and many sunglasses brands
  • Ray Ban
  • Chloé
  • Nat & Coco
  • Julbo
  • Kate Spade
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Prodesign
  • Nifties
  • OTP
  • Azur
  • Woow
  • Mexx
  • Owlet
  • Visionario
  • David Beckam
  • ...

We have a very diversified range of solar lenses, which includes polarized, tinted, mirrored and photochromic lenses.

Which ones to choose?

Our specialists will gladly give you helpful advice relative to your vision and lifestyle.

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Every kind of contact lens that exists on the market today is available at the clinic and, usually, immediately.

Contact lens offered :
  • Specialty lenses to control and slow down the evolution of myopia.
  • Most technologically up to date contact lenses made of silicone-hydrogel, for better ocular health and oxygenation
  • Specialized contact lenses for irregular cornea, keratoconus, spherical to correct myopia, toric to correct astigmatism, multifocal to correct presbyopia, etc.
  • Contact lenses for daily wear lasting either 1 day, 2 weeks or 1 month
  • Contact lenses for long-term wear, for day and night time (continuous wear), are also available
  • Scleral lenses for complicated prescription, dry eyes problems or discomfort with regular lenses
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glasses fabrication, glasses in 1 hour, finition, in-office lab
  • Quality service: the presence of our i-office laboratory allows us to have perfect control over the quality and finishing touches of your glasses, which in turn allows us to offer you better warranties. 
  • Practical service: adjustment of your glasses on the spot.
  • Quick service: thanks to our in-office laboratory, your glasses can be delivered to you within an hour (for most prescriptions)
  • Repair service: our laboratory also makes repairs and provides replacement parts for lenses and frames
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Corneal topography  -  Retinal camera

The clinic disposes of instruments on the cutting edge of technology used effectively for the early detection of ocular diseases which often have no apparent symptoms yet. By detecting the illness early on, the risks of your vision seriously deteriorating are significantly lowered.


  • Retinal Digital Camera: allows us to take a photography of your retina (back of the eye), useful for the detection and follow-up of certain ocular illnesses. The photography of your retina is a painless and quick process that does not necessitate the use of ophthalmic drops.


  • Pachymeter: measures the thickness of the cornea, important information to know before a surgical intervention. Provides precious information for patients affected by glaucoma and confirms ocular hypertension.


  • Automated Tonometer: is used to measure the intraocular pressure in order to detect glaucoma without the use of an anaesthetic.


  • Automated Visual Field: Helps to detect neurological and retinal diseases.


  • A Digital Automated Projector: with very high contrast for greater precision when determining the prescription needed in your glasses.
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The warranties we offer are among the best:

  • Warranty on all our products: frames, lenses, treatments (anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, etc.).
  • Warranty on the adjustment of your glasses. This warranty is free when you buy your glasses and lasts for the lifetime of your frames.
  • Warranty on the adaptation: it is sometimes difficult to adjust to big changes of prescriptions, or to a new kind of lens. This is why we will modify your lenses at no charge, up to two months after your purchase, in order to improve your ability to adapt.

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