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Dr Sylvain Mc Mahon, optometrist

Dr Mc Mahon, optometrist, obtained his doctorate from the Université de Montréal at the start of the year 2000. In the following months after having graduated, he completed the exam National Canadian Examiners in Optometry. During his studies, he performed an externship in the United States while working in a hospital specialized in glaucoma and retina-related illnesses. He has since kept a special interest in the management of ocular diabetes. Dr Mc Mahon, optometrist, teaches at the School of Optometry at the Université de Montréal as a clinical instructor since 2003. His work consists primarily of teaching advanced examination techniques to graduating students, and of supervising their theoretical and practical training during their internships.

Dr Mc Mahon also acts as a guest speaker in Europe, where he lectures about ocular diseases and techniques used to detect them. He has been appointed by the Ordre des Optométristes du Québec (O.O.Q.) to give formal training to optometrists in the province of Quebec on a variety of subjects, including, among others, retinal illnesses, nutrition and medication. Furthermore, he gives first aid classes relative to eye-related work accidents. His preferred fields of competence include eyewear, contact lenses, and ocular illnesses. He also helps children with their visual rehabilitation treatments.

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Dr Danielle Jérôme, optometrist

Dr Danielle Jérôme began her practice in her hometown, Ste-Rose, after having graduated from the school of optometry at the Université de Montréal in 1979. Soon afterwards, she placed herself on the Montreal map. In 1980, she opened her first office on the St-Joseph Boulevard.

In December of 2011, she joined our team of optometrists at the St-Joseph Optometry Clinic in order to offer a greater array of services to her clientele.

In 2001, she took part in the elaboration of the content of the contact lens section of the Dictionnaire visuel des Éditions Québec Amérique. She has also been asked on several occasions to make the visual examination of subjects participating in research projects of the sleep-study center of the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal.


Dre Ariane Labonte Boyer, optometrist montreal. Eye Diseases, glasses, contact lenses, glaucoma, cataract, diabetes, optician, sunglasses

Dr Ariane Labonté Boyer, optometrist

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All our optometrists completed a special formation to be able to diagnose ocular pathologies and to treat most of them. This special permit allows them to prescribe any ocular medication to treat ocular infections, inflammation, allergies, dry eyes, and to extract foreign bodies from the eye. They also can perform a thorough examination of the back of the eye using techniques as a pupil dilation or gonioscopy.

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Roxane Péladeau, optician

Graduated as an optician in 2011, Roxane is today our head of laboratory. She is meticulous and attentive, she constantly strives for perfection in the finishing and precision of our patients' glasses. She is therefore our expert in cutting and assembly of glasses, frame repairs, welding, etc.

You will like her efficiency and work ethic in the manufacture of your glasses.                                               


Marion Brus, optician

Marion received her optician license in 2010, in France. Her love for travel led her to Montreal, where she resides since 2013. She quickly earned her Quebec equivalency diploma and made her mark in the world of optics with her talent.

Her great strength is her ability to identify the needs of our patients and give them judicious advice. You will love her empathy, patience and attention to detail.

Dominic Pelletier, optometric assistant

Dominic excels in his role of optometrist assistant. He is the son of a veteran optometrist from Gatineau, who also works in our Opto-Réseau group. After accumulating a good experience in the field of optics with his father, he joined us in Montreal while continuing his studies at McGill University.

The contact and interaction with the patient is what Dominic prefers in his work. Also, to be able to see the satisfaction of the patient throughout his stay in our clinic is what motivates him most. His good humor and courtesy will charm you.

Dominic is a lover of outdoor activities and has already made a 5 month-trip to Europe.